Francisco Javier Navarro Domínguez

Francisco Javier Navarro Domínguez


GROUP: Ingeniería de Fluidos Complejos (TEP-185)

Departamento de Ingeniería Química, Q Física y Ciencia de los Materiales. Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería
Campus del Carmen
Researcher ID: L-5845-2014
ORCID: 0000-0002-8277-1073

Full Professor of Chemical Engineering at the Chemical Engineering Department of The University of Huelva. Since October 2019 he has been Director of the Department of Chemical Engineering, Q. Physics and Materials Science. He received his PhD from the University of Huelva in 2000, with a thesis on the modification of road bitiumen with End-of-Life Tyres.

His teaching involve subjects related to the Design and Optimization of Chemical Reactors, both at a theoretical and practical level, as well as other fundamental subjects of Chemical Engineering.

His research activity is focused on the design of micro and nanostructured products, based on the analysis of the formulation and processing conditions. This design is based on the measurement of rheological, thermal and microstructural properties. Examples of these products are: bitumens for road paving, both natural and synthetic, asphalt waterproofing membranes, nanocomposite materials, bituminous emulsions, oil-in-oil emulsions, solid and fluid materials for thermal energy storage, etc. To this end, it has used a large number of starting materials from different origins such as: commercial synthetic polymers, recycled plastics and rubbers, natural, synthetic and recycled oils, reactive polymers, nanomodifiers (nanoclays, carbon nanotubes, graphenes, etc.), surfactants (traditional, reactive, block copolymers, etc.), other non-polymer reagents, etc.

He has led 3 research projects/contracts, and has participated as a researcher in 15 competitive projects funded by both national and European public bodies, and has been involved in more than 25 research contracts with companies. He is co-author of more than 50 international publications of special relevance, and of more than 60 contributions to scientific-technical conferences and 9 patents, several of them commercially exploited.
He actively collaborates with various foreign universities, having spent periods of more than one year in research centres in the United Kingdom, Portugal, the USA and Canad

Research interest

More specifically, in her research career he has dedicated herself to the following fields:

  • New anhydrous oil-in-oil emulsions, including phase change materials, for thermal storage.
  • Improvement of thermo-mechanical properties of bituminous products through physical-chemical modification. These materials are applied in the field of new technologies for road pavements (improvement, recycling and low energy pavements), thermal insulation and waterproofing, etc.
  • Analysis of the physical-chemical interactions of reactive and non-reactive, temperature-resistant surfactants with petrochemical products.
  • Study of compatibility, thermomechanical characteristics, microstructure and stability of nanomodifiers with petroleum products.

Currently, he is leading the national project “Study of thermorheologically advanced dispersions designed for heat transport applications” CTQ2017-89792-R, where new heat transfer fluids are designed based on their rheological and thermal properties for use in solar energy and thermal storage technologies

Research areas
  • Reología e Ingeniería de Fluidos complejos

  • Tecnologías de materiales bituminosos

  • Energía y procesos termoquímicos

Ongoing projects
  • Estudio de dispersiones termorreologicamente avanzadas diseñadas para aplicaciones de transporte de calor” CTQ2017-89792-R

  • Unidad de Innovación Conjunta sobre Valorización de residuos agro-forestales en materiales y tecnologías de construcción avanzados GREENASPHALT (802C1800001)

  • SUP&R ITN- European Training Network on Sustainable Multifunctional Automated Resilient Transport Infrastructures” SMARTI

  • Materiales multifásicos basados en biopolímeros con capacidad de almacenamiento energético para uso enedificación sostenible (UHU-1256916)

Selected publications
  • Cuadri A. A., Delgado-Sánchez C., Navarro F. J., Partal P. Short- and Long-Term Epoxy Modification of Bitumen: Modification Kinetics, Rheological Properties, and Microstructure. Polymers (2020) 12(3) 508
  • Cuadri A. A., Navarro F. J., Partal P. Synergistic ethylcellulose/polyphosphoric acid modification of bitumen for paving applications. Materials and Structures (2020) 53: 6
  • Senise S., Carrera V., Cuadri A. A., Navarro F. J., Partal P. Hybrid Rubberised Bitumen from Reactive and Non-Reactive Ethylene Copolymers. Polymers (2019) 11: 1974.
  • Ortega F J., F J. Navarro, Jasso M., Zanzotto L. Physicochemical softening of a bituminous binder by a reactive surfactant (dodecenyl succinic anhydride, DSA). Constr Build Mater (2019) 222: 766–775
  • Senise S., Carrera V., Navarro F. J. Partal P. Thermomechanical and microstructural evaluation of Hybrid rubberised bitumen containing a thermoplastic polymer Constr Build Mater (2017) 157: 873-884
  • Ortega F J., F J. Navarro, M García-Morales. Dodecylbenzenesulfonic Acid as a Bitumen Modifier: A Novel Approach to Enhance Rheological Properties of Bitumen Energy &Fuels (2017) 31: 5003−5010
  • Ortega, F J., Navarro, F J., García-Morales, M, McNally, T. Effect of shear processing on the linear viscoelastic behaviour and microstructure of bitumen/montmorillonite/MDI ternary composites. J Ind Eng Chem (2017) 48 (25): 212-223.
  • Ortega F.J.; Roman C., Navarro F.J.; García-Morales M.; McNally T. Physico-chemistry control of the linear viscoelastic behaviour of bitumen/montmorillonite/MDI ternary composites: Effect of the modification sequence. Fuel Process Technol (2016) 143: 195-203
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  • Izquierdo M.A.; Navarro F. J.; Martínez-Boza F. J.; Gallegos C. Novel stable MDI isocyanate-based bituminous foams. Fuel (2011) 90:681-688.
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  • Martín-Alfonso M.J.; Partal P.; Navarro F.J.; García-Morales M.; Gallegos C. Use of a MDI-functionalized reactive polymer for the manufacture of modified bitumen with enhanced properties for roofing applications. Eur Polym J (2008) 44(5) 1451-1461.
  • Fuentes-Audén C.; Martínez-Boza F.; Navarro F. J.; Partal P.; Gallegos C. Formulation of new synthetic binders: thermo-mechanical properties of recycled polymer/oil blends. Polymer Testing (2007) 26(3) 323-332 :
  • Navarro F J.; Partal P. ; Martínez-Boza F.; Gallegos C. Thermo-rheological behaviour and storage stability of ground tire rubber-modified bitumens Fuel (2004) 83(14-15): 2041-2049



Faculty of Experimental Sciences.
Campus El Carmen – University of Huelva
21071 – Huelva