The proposal for the creation of the Centre for Research in Product Technology and Chemical Processes (Pro2TecS) arose in 2011 of the finding, by the member researchers, of a growing industrial interest in processes and products related to the processing industry (chemistry, biochemistry, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, building materials, etc.). Such products, usually multiphase and multicomponent, with certain characteristics that make it acceptable by the consumer, are characterized by their high added value and/or looking for the valorisation of by-products and waste and the use of raw materials or renewable resources, all through processes that minimize discharges, imply a saving energy and, as a whole, promote the development of clean and sustainable technologies.

Our Research Lines


Rheology and engineering of complex fluids


Technologies of bituminous materials


Development of bio-products: bio-lubricants, bio-adhesives, bioplastics and biofuels


New products and processes for the recovery of biomass (biorefinery)


Use of polymers and biopolymers as modifiers on the properties of functional products


Technology of food and pharmaceutical products


Energy and thermochemical processes


Environmental arrangement of polluting processes