SUP&R ITN is a Joint Academia-Industry Training – through – Research Programme that aims to setup a multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral network in order to form a new generation of engineers versed in sustainable technologies and to provide, to both academia and industry, design procedures and sustainability assessment methodologies to certify the sustainability of the studied transport infrastructure technologies.

At The Univerisity of Huelva, this project investigates the design of a binder to be used for the design of low-temperature asphalt mixes. Temperature reduction in the manufacture of asphalt mixes is highly desirable for many aspects such as a decrease in cost, energy consumption, and atmospheric emissions. Moreover, in addition to the immediate environmental and economic advantages, the development of WMA technology can induce improvements in health and safety conditions and allow longer haul distances and construction season. On these grounds, the development of binders containing waxes, surfactants and/or the use of binder dispersions by foaming or emulsification may contribute to these goals.