The group comes from the unification of two groups with more than 15 years of scientific experience, whose common objectives were related to the industrial use of renewable resources (lignocellulosic and waste biomass) together with the minimization of the possible environmental impacts that these activities may produce. These objectives involve the search for an optimal process for each resource and the study of very diverse technologies which should include the manufacture of cellulosic and paper with different biomass lignocellulosic waste, fractionation of the biomass through hydrothermal processes to obtain sugars and other organic components, different systems of obtaining energy (thermochemical processes), production of compost with the least valuable fractions (also with municipal solid waste and sludge of sewage treatment plants), studies of the degradation of the organic components of the different biomass and derivatisation of organic compounds extracted from biomass for industrial use in systems involving a minimum generation of effluents (liquid or gaseous).

Prof. Dr. Juan Carlos García Domínguez

Group Leader

Manuel Jesús Díaz Blanco

Francisco López Baldovín

Mercedes Ruiz Montoya

María Trinidad García Domínguez

Javier Mauricio Loaiza Rodríguez

Alberto Palma López


The main research work done by this group focuses on the experimental search for relationships between microstructure, mechanical properties and processing of complex flow materials (as per example asphalts, food dispersions, lubricant greases, plastics and bioplastics, detergents, etc.). This group began its research activity more than 25 years ago, and since 1998, is headquartered in the Department of Chemical Engineering of the University of Huelva. The group has numerous equipment capable of performing a wide variety of rheological testing to a wide spectrum of materials (from solid to Newtonian fluids). It also has the newest techniques for the study of the morphology and microstructure of materials, thermal properties and technological testing equipment. This group also has various plants pilots for material processing (asphalt, lubricant greases, emulsions, pharmaceutical products, etc.). It is classified as Group of Excellence by the Directorate of Evaluation and Accreditation (DEVA) of the Junta de Andalucía.

Prof. Dr. José María Franco Gómez

Group Leader

Antonio Abad Cuadri Vega

Moisés García Morales

José Enrique Martín Alfonso

Francisco J. Martínez Boza

Inmaculada Martínez García

Francisco Javier Navarro Domínguez

Pedro Partal López

Mª Carmen Sánchez Carrillo

Concepción Valencia Barragán

Antonio María Borrero López

Esperanza Cortés Triviño

Isabel Diañez Amores

Rocío Gallego Calvo

María José Martín Alfonso

Francisco J. Ortega Bravo

Esteban Vázquez Ramos

Claudia Roman

Adrián Tenorio Alfonso

Belén Martín Acuña